Sunday, November 09, 2008

Babaylan Germany/PWFe.V. celebrates Inter-Cultural Week

Babaylan Germany/Philippine Women's Forum e.V. celebrates Inter-Cultural Week

In celebration of the yearly Inter-cultural Week in Germany, Babaylan
Germany, Philippine Women's Forum invited women to two documentary
films about domestic workers in Germany and Hongkong.
One documentary film entitled Haus-Halt-Hilfe showed living situation of
German, Polish, Peruan and Filipino domestic workers in Germany. A short
version of the documentary film made by petra valentin gives insight to the
working situation of seven domestic workers; they take care of children,
clean, iron and do gardening. As cleaning women, domestic workers and
Au-Pair-Girls, they are doing jobs which are often not adequately honoured
and which take place in private households. While the employers and their
families can get off the burden of household chores, housework remains
often the only possibility for employment and living survival.
Most of them
live separately from their families.

After the documentary film showing, guests treated themselves to German,
Filipino and Thai dishes and sweets followed by Karaoke singing with
intervals of tombola and dancing.

Babaylan Germany and PWFe.V. would like to thank the following
for their support for this event:

Hans Zarm for technical support, beamer, loudspeaker, etc.
Elda Weis for Karaoke and Music Equipment and coordination
Marilyn Hoehn for the main and other Tombola prizes
Vilma Koerperich, for non-stop help, tombola prizes and washing of glasses
And to the following Pinays for their help, cooking, driving, tombola
prizes,etc and usw at ibp.

Elsa, Helen, Christie, Vicky, Yvonne, Sol, Edna, Erma, Lillian,
Claire and Je.

Maraming Salamat

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