Sunday, January 28, 2007

I am Searching for My Posting!!!

Hallo Women, where are your postings?

Psalm of Discipleship

Bless these hands that reach out
and into the lives of so many people,
pausing to touch with tenderness
the hardened heart where hurt
is buried
far beyond all feeling,
where love is four-letter word
that has no meaning beyond the now.

Bless these feet that run
through the day after day
after day without ceasing,
standing firm upon principle,
dancing rings around wanting to quit,
stopping to catch up
with what is important
in the long run, then and now.

Bless this heart that holds within it
far more than it can carry of grief
and the disabling disempowering pain
of multitudes yet knows
that you wold ask of it
no more than it can bear
and so it bows in gratitude
making the most in amazing grace.

Bless this spirit determined to be
an extension of Your Spirit,
with a reservoir of compassion
that is conceived of enough
and of more than enough
of serenity and patience
for all Your cherised children
even if every replenishing source
but You were running dry.

We are your disciples,
may we live for and love another.

Bless our hands to Your service
our feet to Your path,
our heart to Your Purpose.
our spirit to dwell
in the depths of Your spirit
for Your glory now and forever.

Miriam Therese Winter
in Woman Word Feminist Psalter and Lectionary