Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pahabol na mga pics

Eto pa yun mga pahabol na pics, if you have some more, please do share them.


One steamy Tuesday

Ciao mga amigeras

This is what you could do on one ozone-riched afternoon...nowhere to go and I am having such a terrible headache and won`t dare to leave the flat.
So in between Skyping pals around, I am trying to become a blogger and wait for other chatters to buzz in.
Nope, everything is turning around King Football, even the roads are so empty in the afternoon...the best time to do your shopping or your grocery.
Pero sa ngayon, namimiss ko ang turon with halo halo, siguro mixed na to ng being homesick at depression, hah!

Ciao, ttyl


Some of the scenes taken during the grilling...literally grilling...waiting for the grilled stuffs...masarap o hilaw pa?

Summer Picnic for Pinays in Barangay Esch, Koeln
This photo is taken from an early all women gathering.